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When you are looking for a movie you've come to the right place. Crazy Bob's Galaxy of Movies! has an incredible selection, sure to satisfy any movie lover. Contact us to learn more on how to sell DVD or VHS movies.

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At Crazy Bob's Galaxy of Movies!, we boast a much larger selection of films than is available in any other video store. If you have a favorite film that you've been searching for, we're almost sure to have it. Our large selection of Beta, VHS, and DVD movies ensures that we will have just what you want.


DVDs: Starting at $10 |  VHS: Starting at $7
Special Interest & Collectible Movies: $10-$20

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Movies for Sale

Sell DVD or VHS Movies

Special Interest Movies

Discover our wide range of special interest and rare films. For example, we have four silent Charlie Chaplin films from 1913 and 1914 that can't be found anywhere else, as well as the first ever Mickey Mouse cartoon that was called "Steamboat Willie" and was made in the 1920s. Some of these films haven't even been shown on TV before. Call us to learn more about our rich and exciting catalog.